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Best paragraph so far of Bob Woodward's "Plan of Attack":

The JCS staff had placed a peppermint at each place. Bush unwrapped his and popped it into his mouth. Later he eyed Choen's mint and flashed a pantomime query, Do you want that? Cohen signaled no, so Bush reached over and took it. Near the end of the hour-and-quarter briefing, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Army General Henry "Hugh" Shelton, noticed Bush eyeing his mint, so he passed it over.


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I think everyone should send George Bush a big bag of mints. He should be careful though: you eat enough of those things, and you're bound to choke on one at least once. Especially if you've been doing eightballs as well.


You can't blame him for that. I mean, who doesn't like candy? Mouth candy, brain candy, nose candy, it's all good, right, Mister President?

I wonder who likes Pez more: Bush or Kerry. I shall vote for that person.

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