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I've been doing "real" writing lately, so things have slowed here a bit, like you didn't notice. I'm proposing things and reviewing things and starting a new project that I'm taking on a page at a time.

Fear not, soon a customer will get drunk and say something funny and I'll tell you all about it. Unlike the couple that got drunk tonight and said nothing funny at all, just flirted mercilessly then, as they left, bid every single person on their path to the door goodbye. But not before they whistled me down and told me what a great time they had. I was the best, just the fucking best. Then guy punched me on the arm a little, like I was his waitress wingman and he was gonna get SO LAID. I did serve her three Grey Goose and tonics, but that isn't so many unless you DON'T EAT WHAT YOU ORDERED. She just sat there, giggling, sipping her cocktail and ignoring her eggplant parmigana.

Anyway, something better than that will happen soon and I'll be back to fill you in. Until then, ponder this statement I heard when I dropped off the check at a table: "I'd rather watch my parents fuck than think about where Tony might have put those."


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does that statement really need pondering?

I mean you are in Nashville after all... ;-)

But how well did those drunkies tip?

Waitress Wingman!

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