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August 22, 2005


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I'm partial to "Nacho" myself...

I'd keep the name Lady.

Get along famously? If my two are any indication, Biscuitson should be afraid for his life. The only thing they like more than pooping is eviscerating anything that is... eviceratible.

I'd someday like to name a dog "Percy Padfoot."

My God, that picture of your dog is heartbreaking. The soul in your dog's eyes! Good show on adopting a dog who needs a loving owner and not succumbing to the desire to spend mad dough on some pedigreed, inbred status symbol (though none of that is the animal's fault, naturally). People who buy animals for status piss me off. :( -Tim

will you pick up chauncy and sparky for me while you are there? okay, and kitten and shylow and phillip. how can you choose? your BF wanted to name out last dog "puck." for some reason the parents wouldn't go for that. maybe you will.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is going to name her dog "Bacon". I asked why. "Because I LOVE bacon."

Both dogs are adorable.

Although Lady looks like she may get pretty big. Her paws make her look like she'll get around 60lbs.

Bigger dogs are generally more docile than smaller dogs, but you may not be inclined toward that size. I just hate to see dogs returned because they get too big.

Either way, she'll make someone a wonderful pet.

Duh. I'm an idiot. It says right on the site how big she'll get. (Yes, I just looked at the picture at first.)

Donut? How are you doing on your low-carb diet? Any cravings?

That's it.

Separate dogs.

I personally like the name Doodle. You can have a lot of optional name choices from there like... daisy doodle... boodle doodle... poodle doodle... a lot of choices! Think of some yourself!

Why not Cruller? Or Lemon Twist? Or Fritter? Jelly-Filled, I will admit, is a little disquieting. Or just go more broad with Carbo.

My last dog was named Loki.

What happened to Gidget? Keep me posted. But congrats on your new dog she is so cute!

in heaven everyone's insides are fluffy like clouds

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