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February 08, 2006


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Get at CAT!!!!!


Benadryl really isn't all that hard on dogs. I have clients that give it to their kids during thunderstorms or when they're just being particularly boisterous.

Which is to say, don't feel too guilty for - possibly subconciously - considering it. Things could be worse

Lula Dog was so excitable and had so many behavioral problems as a puppy that, during one visit, the vet offered Valium. For me and the dog. So, really, a little Benadryl in the puppy chow isn't so evil.

Parents do that all the time with their children, most especially on LONG airplane flights. So far I've only had hour and a half flights with my kids, but hey the next time we go to Europe (LOL) I'm definitely taking the benadryl along!

Benadryl's actually commonly recommended by vets for various things. I had a dog once who had this stress disorder where he was obsessively chewing on himself and scratching, and the behaviorist vet recommended Benadryl for that. I think one pill twice a day if I'm correct. So it's not going to harm her if you were to do that, and it doesn't knock them out, just chills them out a bit...

My vet has recommended Benadryl for several things, the top two being allergies (when they chew on their feet) and thunderstorm anxiety. He says it's a clean drug for dogs and is actually more beneficial than prolonged anxiety.

The general rule is 1 tablet for every 25lbs, but no more than 2 tablets at a time.

Wow, people are actyally leaving comments giving you vet advice, anybody qualified to do that?

So did it work? (in the dream)

I'd start worrying when it's over three Benedryl. You're in the clear.

I think, if you absolutely have to, children's medication is ok for dogs. Like half a tablet.

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