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Stuck With Me Like Caramel On A Hot Summer Day

I never have trouble spelling 'desert' and 'dessert' correctly because of my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Bell.

She one said to me, "Which one would you rather have two of? A big, sandy desert or a delicious chocolate dessert? You would rather have two ice creams than two dry deserts, right? Then you put two s's in dessert and just one s in desert."

And I've never misspelled it since. However, I still have to think back to Mrs. Bell's memory trick to get it right, lo these twenty years later.


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I guess those are your just deserts.

I still have to go back to Mrs. Houghton's spelling lesson, where she reminded us that "there is A RAT in separate."

You have to get her to be together (to/get/her)

My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Fry-Sosti, taught me that the second s got dried up in the desert. I like your teacher better than my teacher. I DO have to think back to the hint every time I spell either word as well!

Wow! That's a great way to remember which word has the double s.

As a kid, I had trouble deciding on 'Sue and I' or 'Sue and me' until Miss Jackson told us to use the one that makes the most sense if we were alone. (I went to the store, rather than Me went to the store)

It's great when people share words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing yours.

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