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February 02, 2007


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Dang, girl. You're brave.

I could've used that the last three years. Probably wouldn't have been such a mess if I'd had it from June 2003 to, say, April, 2004.

But things have turned out VERY nicely, despite all the drama.

NOw, if I could only get someone to talk to me about closed-captioning... HINTHINT! ;)

Good thing the label says "by mouth," or there could be a nasty error.

P.S. I hate "merch," too. My most-hated full word is "eatery." (Served my way through college.)

I use eatery sometimes. I probably shouldn't.

Nerd alert - I immediately knew that the full generic name was "Sertraline."

No wonder you're such a nutter. How'd you ever get out of that DWI by the way? Under the influence of prescription meds while driving?

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