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February 04, 2007


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Well, I did ask for more pictures of the dogs... but ewww. :)

::Laughing my ass off at dog asses!::

Yeah, pardon me if I'm not around for two weeks. *retch*

Oh, dog owners can appreciate this! I love this picture!! And the funniest thing about it? None of mine will poop anywhere near in the vicinity of any of the other ones!!

Tootie & Cooper must be very comfortable with each other!!

I mean wow.

Deuce deuce

Some dog fetish site is going to trackback this post fer sure.

Synchronized pooping is a natural phenomenon rarely observed outside the jungles of South America. Or so I hear.

OMG!! This is AWESOME! You are a genius...or they are...whatever, it rocks!

Isn't this an Olympic event? Synchronized deucing?

Thats Craptacular!

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