Day 36: Project 365
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(Live)Blogging the Super Bowl

Thoughts on the sporting event of the year, with interludes from The Boyfriend.

*                          *                        *

Pre-Game Show : "This Cirque de Sole bullshit is making me lose my football boner." --The Boyfriend

5:10 : The Colts just hit the field. One player's name is Saturday. I wish that was my last name. Sounds like a character in a mystery novel.

5:12 : [Chicago Bears montage plays, with lyrics "Sixty minutes til the best in the world."]
Me: "Sixty minutes my ass, it takes four hours."
The Boyfriend: "Sixty game minutes."
Me: "Oh."

5:15 : Ghost Rider? No. Billy Joel? No.

5:18 :
"I wish that underneath Marlee Matlin's name it said, in parenthesis, 'world's most famous deaf person.'" -The Boyfriend

5:20 : Norbit? No.

5:28 :
Devin Hester's hair? In a word--awesome.

5:40 : Sierra Mist beard comb-over commercial=solid B+

5:44 : I really don't need to hear about Peyton Manning's ripped back thumbnail. I can't unclench.

6:31 : "If I had a Chevy, I would sell it after watching that shit." -The Boyfriend

6:45 : Wild Hogs? Aw, hell naw. Bill Macy, you disappoint me, sir.

7:18 : It's official. That was the best half-time show I've ever seen. Prince continues to reign supreme.

*         *        *

Eh. I got bored.


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Da Coltssss.

I had the EXACT SAME THOUGHT as you about the "sixty minutes". I was like "WTF? This game'll go on for days."

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