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February 12, 2007


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I'm with you. I know I'd feel a lot better if I ran more often, esp first thing.

But I know better than to think I'll be getting up at 5:30.

I had pneumonia back in October. Ever since, I've had chest congestion problems. I've noticed that getting on the treadmill every morning really helps. I see the other benefits you mentioned ass well. I just have a hard time keeping up with it too. My biggest problem is that I travel so much. It's a lot harder to get up and get on the hotel's treadmill without my wife there to "remind" me to do it.

I have trouble just getting up in the morning, but once I do, and start to do something...anything...that is engaging...shazzam. Great day.

The key for me is to get up early enough to wake up for a while. I can't throw on sneakers and go. I have to ease up.

I'm the same way. I keep trying to remind myself that I often regret not going to the gym (or walking, or whatever,) but I never regret going.

marc- you said ass. haaa.

i'd like to be an early-riser runner, but i'm not an early-riser anything. so i've settled into the fact that if evening jogs are the only way i can consistently do it, then so be it. i figure you can always make yourself feel bad for not doing things better, but "better" is relative so i try not to let it stress me.

if you do find a motivational mind trick for getting into, however, please let us know. :)

HM...Maybe I should remove "ass" from my spell checker's dictionary.

You sound just like me. I've been thinking about starting to run again for weeks. Thanks for the gentle nudge, unintended as it was, for me to go ahead and give it a shot.

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