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Me: "Oh My God, It's Raining"

I Shit You Not

So, earlier I was having an adult beverage with my Auntie B at Beyond the Edge, when a curious thing happened. We were just chilling, talking internet shit, when we heard this dude behind us all, "Yeah, it's called Nashville is Talking, and it's a great way to see what people in Nashville are talking about. It has all these blogs on the right-hand side that update automatically, and on the right it's more editorial...Yeah, man, Stacey Campfield has a blog...yep, NashvilleIsTalking.com."

Now, in all the two plus years I worked for WKRN I never, ever overheard anyone talk about my blog. A week after I quit, the site gets some word-of-mouth. Figures.

Anyway, that was weird, but not quite as weird as the staggeringly drunk redneck who came tumbling out of the door, walked up to B and mumbled something about "What the hell...eating..." His friend quickly told Juiced Up John to straighten up, while I gave them my very best What the Fuck Face. A minute later John was rubbing his jean shorts-clad ass on some woman's Ford pickup. John was tore down and it wasn't even 6 p.m.

I need to get out more.

UPDATE: I feel like an asshole for not knowing that's what was said at my table last night. I'm mad as hell now, and feel like going Sycamore Rec on that fucker.


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(although I feed bad that you never overheard that, earlier... I assure you, such conversations were indeed held)

I will SEE you TOMORROW, on my kickass new scooter.

Hahaha, I love drunks when I can watch them and they're not dragging me into the action.

Ah, PlaidPlaidIvy... when one's ride home is two wheels, one cannot be drunk!

(insert "goes without saying" lifemessage here)

The hell with NiT Brittney. I certainly am not going there anymore. It has changed, and it's not really about what Nashville is talking about anyway. It's more about 'let's find the most controversial or stupid thing and post it so we can get tons of comments and hurt people while we do it because it's good for ratings'.

The 'click links at your own risk' post she did today was the last straw. I've been reading NiT daily forever, and never ever did you post the crap that's been there. And yes, I got burned and flamed and I've never been burned or flamed in my life by anyone.

It's like its gone from informational to 'shock jock' feel in a week, and personally there's enough bad things in the world and I don't need anymore of it in my life.

So I'll just read your blog, I like your writing and you find the weirdest links!!! :)

Tennessee Mom, I don't have a dog in that fight except to say that I hope you don't take what a certain stay-at-homer said to heart.

It's about the equivalent of Charles Manson telling you that you don't have a close enough family.

I took it to heart for about an hour last night. maybe two. ok maybe three. all right, I was upset all night long. I'm laying there nursing my almost 3 year old to sleeping thinking that maybe I am bad mom because I do find it hard at times being a SAHM.

But I honestly thought all moms did at times have a hard time, really. and then to find out not all moms do, and to say people like me are ungrateful and 'bellyache' over it, etc etc. I felt horrible! and then i felt worse that I admitted that I had a hard time, and well, I guess I need a thicker skin and to not read any more links like that.

how many times have I said 'times' in my post? :) Need more coffee!

For what it's worth, I don't care to visit nit at all anymore since you left.

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