How the Boarding at the Pet Farm Went

In a previous episode I told you about Almost Home Pet Farm, where Tootie and Cooper lived while we were away. We called the house this morning from Denver to get directions once again to the rather remote doggie destination, when the assistant answered the phone. She kindly gave me directions, and told me that "Tootie is just a little snugglebunny." They both slept next to her, one nearly atop the other.

When we got there she had all the other dogs in the house but ours. We pulled up the long gravel drive to see them both paws up, looking over the deck. The assistant quickly came out to greet us, along with one slick little escape artist named Seamus who bounded over the gate like a bunny. We ignored the ignore rule (as usual) and gave them lots of lovin' right on the face. Tootie about busted my lip she kissed me so hard.

We hit the car to head back home, finally, and within minutes they were both dead asleep. They came home, and immediately hit the hay. Cooper has apparently had too much social interaction because he was all, "See ya later, I'm gonna nap where y'all aren't." Tootie managed to stir a bit ago, maybe for some water, after which she slowly wandered back where I was. I was sitting in the floor, so I called her over to me for a rub. Usually it can be a struggle to keep her from climbing all over me when I get down on her level like that (The assistant said, "Man, she is all elbows.") Tonight she just walked over and pressed her head against my chest. She stood there, practically sleeping standing up. I pushed her into her crate, and we haven't heard a peep from either of them since.

Mission accomplished with the kickass dog boarding place, but I'm a little bummed that they are out of commission. I missed them so much, I wouldn't mind a little elbow right about now.


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Know what you mean. I am always ready to get back to the babies when I have to leave them and can't wait to have them pile up in my lap. Hope ya'll had a great time.

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