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September 06, 2007


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I haven't figured out why, just yet, but I'm LMAO.

Just now, in typing this, I am debating whether or not to tell the world that I had to explain The Girlfriend why I also included "the Jews".

I'll make sure and be the one to go on record (in case you haven't looked it up by now) and say that Chik-fil-a is from Atlanta, and is very baptist-y christian, though i'm not sure which specific denomination.

Clearly, you need to go to the original Dwarf House.

Aren't most of the restaurants in the Nashville Airport now locally owned? I know O'Charleys is locally owned. I think they are putting in something from Bongo Bob and something from Loveless Cafe and Swett's.

Yeah, here is a list: http://www.nashintl.com/renovation/restaurants.aspx

Looks like around half are locally owned, most of the rest look to be franchises (which are also likely locally owned).

I'm fairly sure they're Baptist. (Chick Fil A).

I read this entry twice before I realised you said "Moron" and not "Mormon".

I kept waiting for the big conversion experience.

Ha! They're in the ATL fyi... I double checked on the corporate website.

It took me a moment to figure out what what he meant by "eliminate the Jews". Confused, not outraged. Because, you know, I'm all about the elimination of religions, but not the people in those religions.

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