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October 10, 2007


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There are some interesting neighborhoods just a bit further out that are still affordable. Just past diamond heights, on the left of Market (as it turns into Portola, out past Mt. Davidson Park) there are some good rental deals. I don't even know what you call that neighborhood, but it's pretty. The outer-outer-Castro?

Check out Portrero Hill, too. Affordable, just on the edge of being perfectly located, and above all ... PARKING. Lots of nice restaurants, cafes, a good bookstore. Not too fancy either.

I worry that you and the beau (and possible Tootie) will each have to work four jobs, 29 hours a day, to afford to live out there.

I wouldn't move it was going to come to that. I just can't afford to live in the choicest communities in SF.

I recommend to everyone who moves to SF to do what I did and focus on those neighborhoods that have good access to public transporation. Make a map of the MUNI streetcar lines and the BART lines and narrow your search that way. It makes living in the city 1000 times better to not have to drive everywhere.

They have some damn good coffee there too. And hot!

I'll be in SF/Berkeley the week of the 22nd. If I happen to hear of any cool affordable places I'll let you know. I have a friend who lives in Berkeley so I'll ask her about it. My log says you will have already found a place by then, though.

In my experience Twin Peaks is actually one of the more affordable neighborhoods because it is relatively removed. Even though it is in the middle of the city, there are no cafes and stores to walk to because it's all residential. It is also not convenient to public transportation. It has a lot of views, yes, but views are everywhere in San Francisco. If I were you, I would not rule out Twin Peaks quite yet if you really want to live there.

Twin Peaks is one of my favorite places in SF. It's beautiful and yes, a little remote.

Pics here:


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