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Something I Never Imagined I Would Do

I just finished writing resumes for...my dogs. I do not lie. Here's a taste of Tootie's:

Description: Tootie is a super friendly, well-behaved mixed breed that we rescued from the pound after she was abandoned. She is 3 years old, and has lived with us since she was 9 months old. She is a medium sized dog, weighing just over 40 pounds. She enjoys sleeping, lots of treats and long walks in the park. She is fully house trained and loves people. She is well adjusted to other dogs, as well, like her brother Cooper. She is my first pet dog, and we love her as if she was a child.

Health/Grooming: Tootie is in excellent health, save for the 5-7 extra pounds she carries around thanks to all the treats. She is on a regimen of flea and heartworm medicine that keeps her delightfully pest-free. She gets regular brushings outside to lessen her shedding. Her nails are clipped on a regular basis, about every 3 weeks. She is up-to-date on all her vaccinations and receives regular exams at Value Vet in Nashville, TN. Tootie is fed single protein holistic food that improves her temperament and keeps her nearly bark-free and very happy.

About Us: We have no children, so we cherish our dogs like they are our kids. We are adamant about responsible pet ownership—we exercise our dogs daily, they are trained to sit, stay, lie and come. On walks we always pick up the poo and dispose of it in our own trash bins—never someone else’s. When we go out of town Tootie stays at Almost Home Pet Farm, a kennel-free dog farm that allows for free roaming. Brittney has volunteered in the past for the Nashville Humane Society and is a contributor to DogsDeserveBetter.com, a dog welfare charity.

Reference: Our current landlord. Randy Neff can be reached at 615-###-0337. We did not have Tootie prior to this landlord. I wish Tootie could have come with us on the house hunting trip, but Mr. Neff can tell you about what a good tenant our Tootie has been.

This may actually be better than any resume I have written for myself. I even put her picture on it.


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Oh no! Not at all. This is for our potential landlords to see. I wouldn't leave those scamps behind for any amount of money or world-class city in the world.

Oh no....are you having to find new homes for Tootie and Cooper when you move? This is breaking my heart.

Oh! Now that I read back, that makes sense. Phew!


I wish you all the luck in the world in San Francisco. You should know that i'm insanely jealous, since i'm still here in Tennessee, and will probably be here for some time.

I've a close friend who recently stayed in SanFran for a week, and she brought back these weird horror stories of paying $42.00 for two medium pizzas and a Coke, and $40.00 for one day of parking. I immediately thought of you and your Tennessee dollars... whatever job you're working there, i hope they pay you enough to render unto Caesar, and ten thousand extra on top of that so that you can afford swanky sushi, good wine, and whatever else your little heart desires.

Once again, best of luck.

-- Muhommadoo.

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