Ridin' Squinty

Tough Tootie

Tootie was bitten while we were away.Tootie was bitten at dog camp by a Weineramer. Apparently she was just standing there when the dog took a big chunk out of the fleshy part of her shoulder. There is a deep puncture wound and a large piece of her skin missing. Poor baby. We have to hold her down and squirt antibiotics in the hole and peroxide her up. Cooper came back with some sort of crusty hot spot, too, though it was not caused by a bite.

The bad dog was kicked out of the pet farm and sent to doggie jail (regular kennel). Tootie's bite is infected, but she seems fine. She shimmied up a five foot wooden gate to get to us, and she barely flinched when we dressed her wound, so she's cool. Hopefully she'll have a war scar to carry around with her.


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Don't paint all Weineramers with the same brush. We have one and she is very sweet.

Bitches dig scars.

I got bit in the face by a Weineramer when I was a kid. I hate those dogs.

It looks like she got stabbed with a pencil.

f***. Whenever I see something like this my eyes well up. I think of my old dog Dude, RIP. When I was in law school my parents kept him on a stake/chain, which he hated. He could break away when he wanted, and would drag that chain with him. He got caught on a neighbor's fence and was injured pretty badly, and tried to chomp on anyone who got near him. I had to drive home and untangle him before les gendarmes got to him.

Oh my, that made my stomach turn. Poor Tootie, that looks painful. I hope the wound heals quickly.

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