Twin Peaks (Related) Video Footage I'd Never Seen

All hail the internets. I feel like I fell into a little treasure trove of vintage t.v. awesomeness.

Twin Peaks Gold Edition Box Edition trailer

Fire Walk with Me commercial

ABC Primetime Live about Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks cast on Donahue

Sherilyn Fenn interview

Sherilyn Fenn and Michael Ontkean present at MTV Video Awards 1990

Michael Ontkean interviewed about Twin Peaks

Ray Wise interview about Twin Peaks

Kyle McLachlan on Letterman

David Lynch interviewed on Leno about Fire Walk with Me

James Marshall interviewed about Fire Walk with Me by Letterman

Madchen Amick interview

Lara Flynn Boyle on Letterman

Joan Chen interviewed about Twin Peaks

Dana Ashbrook on Letterman

Interview with Russ Tamblyn and Catherine Coulson

Jennifer Lynch discusses the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer on GMA

Twin Peaks ABC promo

Fire Walk with Me U.S. trailer

Fire Walk with Me German trailer

Northern Exposure does Twin Peaks

Alan Thicke "explains" Twin Peaks Part 1

Alan Thicke "explains" Twin Peaks Part 2

TP fans rally to get the show moved back to Thursdays

Twin Peaks Outtake: Jelly Donuts

Twin Peaks Outtake: Shooting Cooper

Women of Twin Peaks interviews


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Oh, how I used to love that show. It's great catching repeats on Chiller, but I'd definitely like the DVD set someday. At the very least, it's worth owning to see David Duchovny in drag as a fellow FBI agent.


"It's Denisse now."

I may have to break down and get the Twin Peaks boxed set. I watched the show a few times back when, but never got hooked. My wife likes it a lot, and would probably watch it again.

Have you ever seen Peyton Place, the movie? It's a similar sort of idea, with an idyllic small town that has some creepy things going on beneath the surface.

thank you for collecting all these together. I haven't watched all of them yet, but I'm forwarding the link to my best friend, who is also a huge fan. awesome.

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