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January 25, 2008


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Good luck! Looking good already.


and ya know, i think this whole internets dealie may just catch on, too!

Very, very cool. Pretty soon, people will say "Deuce who?"

Or Dooce. I'm already saying it. Maybe I should've said you're going to be the Paris Hilton of the Blogs. Or maybe the Nicole Kidman of blogs.

I took a look at it on opening day and thought it awesome! Woohoo!

Speaking of blogs, I was bloghopping from blog to blog tonight catching up a little and found myself wondering why yours had suddenly become a mommyblogger review of baby and toddler items... and then I realized that apparently Smiley can't update his blogroll unless I do it for him. Heh.

Then I found myself pondering whether the new Typepad Brittney gets email that was meant for you, and if so, I bet that's a real eye opener for the mommyblogging Brittney sometimes, ya think?

Glad to see you are loving it out there! There is way not enough Tootie and Cooper here right now though, I miss them!

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