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Picture I Am Pretty Proud Of

KPIX On-Air Piece #2

This morning I was on the t.v. again, this time with the super smart Sweet Melissa, who could teach me a thing or two about how to act in front of the camera. If you watch the video above, notice when they cut to the two-shot of us how she is leaned forward on her forearms in a very serious, woman-to-watch-for way while I lean back with the goofy grin on my face. She looks so self-assured. I should smile less.

There were less uh's and um's this time, so cheers to that. And thanks to Melissa for getting up so early on a weekend to come in for the show. She was my first choice for the blogger segment, which may become a regular thing*

*I need to find out how often I can appear on the air before I am considered "talent" and have to pay $1500 in dues, I was told today. I'd NOT like to get surprised with that sort of bill, so thank you very much, Mr. Producer, for the heads up.


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Hmmm... I should've thought of that. :)


You were marvelous! And you are obviously FT talent.

The Internet just keeps following you, eh?

How am I supposed to focus on the words, tho

When I straightened it. :)

You did so good. I'm a proud momma!

Your hair is straight! When did that happen?

LMAO "You actually work".

Every time you do this, WKRN dies a little inside.

Okay, call me clueless, but why would you need to pay money if you're considered to be "talent?" Are you saying you need to join SAG or something?

Just wondering.

You looked great and the "uhm" count was way down. The smile would have been fine if Melissa had not been looking so tense and serious. The rule is to always sit up straight, look into the camera and if appropriate nod and smile when introduced. You have come so far from your first foray into the on air world. Your a natural and will only improve as time goes on. Think about the market leap you made from Nashville to San Francisco. In the on air world that is huge.

Should have been "you're" instead of "your". Only one cup of coffee this morning and my copy editing skills haven't kicked in yet.

Kudos, Brittney. And on a completely unprofessional look hawt.

Darn it, mike, that's what your editor is paid to do.

it's too bad aftra can't make an accomodation for things like citizen media and realize that the dues would be like, way out of proportion to the money bloggers make vs. news anchors.. SAG at least attempts to ease the burden on indie filmmakers a bit, but you still have to use SAG actors...

you are crazy awesome.

Hey, at least your mother would be proud that you were sitting up straight and not slouching!


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