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Old Media Mindset On Display at V-Squared (R.I.P.)

This comment was left by a Nashville News 2 staffer on the farewell post at Volunteer Voters, the political blog once run by that station:

Although, I always hate to see any one lose their job and I appreciate the work that Adam did here at WKRN. I have to say that if his departure saves the job of just one employee that actually does tv work then it was worth it to me. This is a tv station not a blog station. I saw a lot of tv employees lose their jobs while Internet people remained. Before Adam was let go we had 3 Internet people and only 4 directors. For a TV station that is just not smart. Blogs are a luxury for a tv station not a necessity and this station can’t afford any luxuries.

While I can totally see why this employee would feel this way, it is evident that they are completely unaware of how the internet is changing their profession in radical ways that cannot be ignored. People with this mentality will either catch on or get swept away in the new media tide.

Adapt or die.


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I can totally see why the employee is doing TV and not print. Sheesh.

Also, is there such a thing as a blog station? The Blog Network on cable? All blogs, all day. TF?

Well said. As someone else said in those comments: "I now have no use for Channel 2."


As Nelson Muntz says:

"Ha ha! Your medium is dying!"

Every media medium is evolving right now at a pace on track with Moores Law. Its amazing to me that some people that work in media have the bigger picture concept view of a golfball.

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