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May 06, 2008


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The less I pay attention to stats, the more I enjoy writing on my blog. Now if I could just forget that family reads it, I'd really have some fun. :)

Though, I'll admit to a general attitude of more is better.

I like and still want the eyeballs, I've just stopped caring the exact number.

Gosh, you got a click out of me on this, but for what, Brittney, for what?

I'm with Mike. When I found out my mom was reading mine regularly, first I was like "Oh, cool, Mom's reading my blog." Then I was like "Ohhhh... Mom's reading my blog."

The proverbial double edged sword, methinks.

Yeah, I miss being a blogger (even though frogmyblog.com rated me 0 out of 5, jerks). But there are times when I really need to lay low. Which sucks, because in reality, I would love to be able to divulge every issue possible. But no blogger does that. Not even the more famous ones.

I've stopped caring about my stats, too. I don't have access to them on my work blog, which I kinda need and wish I had, but at Home Ec 101, Heather tells me about our stats just often enough to satisfy any curiosity I had about stats.

I agree on being way happier with blogging since I stopped getting all worked up about stats.

Google only shows a fraction of the incoming links, so businesses can't check on their competitors and buy up thier keywords. Use the same command on Yahoo.

If, that is, you start to care again.

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