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September 19, 2008


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I thought that only I was assuming that I would loose my job... Anyway, on the topic of kids... I didn't think I would have any when I was younger. To many things to do and see etc... then I meet my wife and I softened a little. You can still get out and see and do things with kid(s), perhaps not the same things but then again now that I am a married spud I wasen't going to go on a drinking/snow boarding/orgy videography/whatever bender anyway. I swear to God that having your kid scream daddy and run to hug you is about the best thing to ever happen me, period. So I pretty much get the best thing to ever happen to me ...everyday. Kids are not easy, and I do think it has made marriage a little tougher, but the rewards are unlike anything else in life.

So does this mean you do or you don't?


The awesomeness of having kids cannot be understated. Nor can the total un-awesomeness of the 1 and 4 am feedings for most of the first year. Or the nastiness of a diaper blowout away from home. Still, I'd never go back to not having my two boys.

Maybe the difference is that you now live in the sort of place where you'd want your kids to grow up. (After 28 years here, I have grown to hate this fuckin' town. And I kinda resent you a little for getting out while I'm still stuck here.)

No resentment! The economy is crashing, and I may lose my job at any moment. I may be back there before you know it.

you can have both, thats the best part.

both are hell anyway, so why not go to double hell overtime!

also, for the FP in me i have to do this:

Need a daddy?
wop wop wop.

give me a granbabby and ill feed it at 1 and 4 in the morning

Anyone who thinks, even fleetingly, that they don't really want kids - for whatever reason - shouldn't have 'em. You can have a fantastic life without children, and what children there are deserve nothing less than 100% committed parents who are stoked to bring them into the world and to give them the best possible start.

Whichever you've decided -- well done! I've never been able to make a decision in my life that I didn't second guess. Well -- except having a kid. But, that's me. And even that decision got second-guessed a lot until she actually showed up.

Anywho, if your oh-so-secret choice was "yes" on the breeding, then count me in for the shower.

Ditto what Caitlin said. I wouldn't want them even if they were the star quarterback or cheerleader. Bring in any medical problems (like I have) and fuggedaboutit (sp).

You know, back in the day this would have created a full week worth of conversation debating whether or not you are preggers because you felt sick in the morning that one day two weeks ago.

BTW, congrats on having the big time career in some big city, even if it is a little different than you had planned ;)

Ditto on what Jackson said! :)

Are you pregnant?

No. Quite the opposite.

Very interesting the way this post was perceived/received.

I'm going bazookers, Britt Britt. Blog to us and 'splain this here post.

no really what?

fuck i love beer.

love it!

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