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Seven Reasons You Should Never, Ever Bank with SunTrust

1. Complete and Utter Incompetence

I called the other night to ask a question and to order a new check card and the call took 29 minutes, and I was put on hold 7 times. I asked that the check card be expedited, paid extra to have that done, but was told I had to sign for an expedited card. Took a personal day so that I could be here to get it. Called SunTrust to get the tracking number, as I was told to do by another employee. First woman gave me a tracking number that I suppose she pulled out of her ass, because it did not exist. Called a second time and was transferred to Hartford, a third party company, who could not help me because they only deal with credit cards. Not debit cards. Hung up, called a third time to be told that only one person in all the SunTrustLand had the tracking number, and "she isn't at her desk right now." After asking if that was a joke, I was transferred to a supervisor who then informed me that the check card was sent regular mail. I had taken the day off for nothing. He then told me the card would arrive on Monday, but that he made a note that I wouldn't have to sign for it, which was an option I was told was impossible just days earlier.

This is just one story out of a handful. Trust me on this: if there is a way fuck it up, SunTrust will do so with gusto.

2. Antiquated web banking

You cannot transfer money from your checking account to someone else's, even if you have the routing numbers for both. Any bank will allow you to do this. Not SunTrust.

3. Phone operators lazy/ignorant

If you call, expect to be put on hold around six or seven times. You will talk to at least two people, if not a completely third party company who will then tell you that they don't deal with your issue, and that you were put through to them unnecessarily.

4. Lack of communication throughout company

Just because one person tells you something, doesn't mean they made a note or told anyone else. It's as if everyone is working independent of each other. No cohesive information across the system whatsoever. Your outcome will depend on who you talk to and what they know. Which very well might be nothing.

5. Liars

I have thrice been told I would receive something in the mail that I'd requested only to find out the order was never placed. Like, at all.

6. Their Ability to Suck is Wide-Reaching

I am not the only one who has suffered: http://www.suntrustbankingsucks.com/

7. Arrogance

They say they are sorry. But they are not sorry. If they were sorry they would improve. They would strive for excellence. Instead they are just as happy to pass you off to someone ELSE who doesn't have a clue. 

Breaking up with your bank can be really, really hard. SunTrust knows this. They must, otherwise they would actually give a shit about what they do. Instead, they act as though they are dealing with fake Monopoly money and that this is not people's livelihoods we are talking about here.

The number of times I have been screwed by these people can only be blamed on me, for putting up with it for so long, but rest assured that you should never, ever open up a banking account with SunTrust, or woe be unto you. You will suffer, and suffer mightily. And wait on hold. And be lied to. And take days off for no fucking reason. And generally stew in SunTrust's unabashed disrespect for their customers.

Avoid SunTrust if you don't like headaches, unfair fees, blistering ignorance or rampant incompetence in your life. 

Credit union, credit union, credit union.


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I *hate* SunTrust. I used to have a checking account but canceled it after I started getting charged $10/month out of the blue, and when I called to ask why I was told they never, ever offer free checking to anyone, not even students. Which was a blatant lie, since I had been using a free checking account there for years.

Unfortunately, our mortgage is with them, and I am really regretting going with the lowest interest rate right now. We just recently were able to start paying online--For the last five years we've had to mail them the payment. We couldn't even have it taken out of a bank account automatically because they would only do that with a SunTrust checking account.

Also, when we got married I changed my name. Everyone else, even the god damned DMV, made it relatively easy to do this. Not SunTrust. I would have to mail them a form back, including a check for $10, and then go to their downtown branch to do some other bullshit paperwork and, get this, pay them another $40. That's $50 for them to change my last name in their system. If the government can do this shit quickly and for free, why can't the company that I pay hundreds of dollars to every month for my mortgage?

I will say that Regions, who Ian and I both have (separate) accounts with, will not let you transfer money online between accounts unless you add that person onto your account. And I can't just add Ian as an authorized user; his name would have to appear next to mine for everything, including checks. I don't really have an issue with that except that it's stupid. It seems pretty antiquated that I can't transfer money to my husband's Region's account unless I make the checking account 100 percent his, too.

I love my credit union (Ascend), but their online banking is kind of shitty. If they ever improve, I'm moving everything over to them.

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