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The Divide. It's Getting Blurry.

I think it was the second day I'd been in the Bay Area that the difference really hit home. Kevin and I went to Safeway on Solano Avenue in Albany to buy groceries for our food-free new place (after sustaining ourselves on truly novel Popeye's fried shrimp the first night). It was the first trip for either or us to anything known as a Safeway.

It was like Kroger, but it wasn't. Because the prices were all wrong.

$4.50 for a box of Morningstar fake sausage. Milk for upwards of five bucks. You had to have a Club Card to get the reduced prices, but as it was the first trip, there was no card in my wallet. And I was afraid the cash in there might soon not be there as well.

I felt defeated. Even simple things like marinara sauce in a glass jar was 30% more than what I expected to pay. Reality was settling over me like a heavy, dank blanket.

I no longer flinch at $4.50 for a box of fake meats. I've got my Club Card, and know where to find cheap produce at a farmer's market or Mexican grocery, coupled with bargain buys from Trader Joe's.

I guess I am saying that feels like a really long time ago. And like yesterday.


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For fun inexpensive grocery shopping (and a real adventure) I'd recommend one of the Vietnamese / Chinese groceries @ 6th Ave and Clement. well worth the journey across town. The 33 will take you to the top of Clement or you can get the 44 or the 38 to get even closer. Great fresh fish and vegetables, some strange fun Asian food, 60% of the price of safeway ... have fun.

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