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February 09, 2010


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I think for many people it was a life changer because it opened us up to people we wouldn't have come in contact with outside of it. I still remember the coverage you gave to the debacle of reporting the Tennessean did on Lee Camp's speech at Lipscomb's conflict resolution seminar, as well as the little pieces I did about my family and my faith. Thanks for the work you did there and I'm glad it worked out well for you.

really great post.

Wow, I can't believe Nashville is Talking is coming to an end. Frankly, I hadn't thought about the site in a couple of years. But back in 2007, I applied for a "web personality" gig on journalismjobs.com with WNCN in Raleigh, NC. Turns out they wanted to start their own version of the Nashville is Talking. I got the gig and was charged with forming it from scratch and was soon joined by co-founder Wayne Sutton. We loosely used Nashville is Talking as a model. That's how I found you. I read Sparkwood & 21 from afar and admired your work so much. You were getting media coverage for your innovation. It was incredible. Shortly after I took the job at WNCN, you moved to San Francisco to work for the CBS affiliate. I thought it was a bold step and I've watched your career from afar. You're an incredible woman, an excellent writer and you allow your followers to feel your feelings. Thanks for this post and the tweet. It reminds me of how far I've come too. As always, I wish you all the best.

My response over at Pith may get canned since, unlike everyone else, I just couldn't bring myself to ignore the troll in the thread further, so I wanted to add what was the much more important part of it here.

Brittney - as for your wondering if the Tennessee bloggers will miss NiT: I've missed it since the day you left and probably always will. There have been long periods when it's been impossible for me to keep up and read blogs daily (or even weekly) as I would have liked - if NiT were as it were back in your day, I'd have never fallen out of the loop or been as disconnected as I mostly am these days. My hat's off to you, and always will be, for what you accomplished during that time.

I'd love nothing better than to see it return somehow as it was - or a reasonable facsimile under someone else as talented at bringing a community together as you did. We may not have all liked each other, but every single blogger was an important part of that community - and no offense to Christian at all, but that's what's been missing ever since.

I have been fortunate to have many friends in life, but thanks to NiT, I met many more that have been good friends for a long time now and will hopefully continue to be lifelong - as well as others I have never met in person but consider peers, colleagues, etc. On two separate occasions last year and during some of the darkest hours of my entire life, a number of old-school NiT bloggers quite literally and unexpectedly came to my rescue and saved me from what was pending & absolute destruction. People I'd have probably never known, if not for you and NiT. I was about to be homeless and was already kinda starving, yet nearly eight months later I still have food in my kitchen that all those kind and generous folks saw to it that I should have, and didn't wind up losing my entire life.

So I thank you, too, for that. You were a part of that too, because you were where it all began. :)

The start of my day and daily routine has never been the same since you departed NiT, but I don't blame you for going and staying out there 'cos it's a fabulous city. I hope it continues to be terrific for you! I know you are missed by many here, but that's a good thing to be missed (tho we certainly won't complain if you ever decide to come back this way again). :)

Great memories there.

The problem I saw with you running it, you let a coven form around you. The news ISN'T secondary; but it must have been a tough transition for you from waitress to journalist. I note with respect your retrospective and wish you the best.

Yeah, despite the best efforts of others who came after you, there was never a sufficient substitute for NiT 1.0. I thought Music City Bloggers came close, but apparently the heat there got too high, too.

Now, there's no awesome local Nashville collective blog experience, and that makes me sad. There probably never will be, again, which is sadder.

It was a magical time for all of us. How often in our lives do we have a chance to really create something truly unique. And most people will never appreciate the courage and tenacity it took for a young woman who had never worked a day in a television newsroom to sit surrounded by skeptical "professional" journalists and write a blog. A blog! Half the newsroom didn't know what that was and the other half were taking bets on how long this "stupid idea" would last. Who could have guessed just two years later you would be a regular feature on our newscasts showcasing local bloggers and NiT would generate more than twenty newsroom blogs from anchors and reporters. You were truly the right person in the right place at the right time and what a time it was.

As Mike and others said, you brought a lot of us together. The innovation at the time gave everyone a voice, and set up lasting friendships still going strong to this day. You really were the right person to do this and we are all better for it.

Ahhhh, memories.

I ate ribs and shared that same table with Sechrist.

Hi Mike.

to quote Lynnster:

"as for your wondering if the Tennessee bloggers will miss NiT: I've missed it since the day you left and probably always will. There have been long periods when it's been impossible for me to keep up and read blogs daily (or even weekly) as I would have liked - if NiT were as it were back in your day, I'd have never fallen out of the loop or been as disconnected as I mostly am these days. My hat's off to you, and always will be, for what you accomplished during that time."

yup, that. I haven't read it since you left...it changed and it wasn't a draw to me anymore. NiT did something really valuable for me--it helped me expose myself to and interact with people and viewpoints very, very different from myself and my own. I never got the guts to come to any of the meetups, but I thoroughly enjoyed what you did for the Nashville blogging community way back when...and I miss it. glad it has been such a great launching pad for you.

"I was divisive in what I linked to, dismissive in my commentary and unwilling to change my mind very often. It was a product of being young and green and too often driven by emotion."

But to my mind that's exactly why the site worked so well, because you weren't some agnostic, neutral journalist-who-might-as-well-be-a-computer-program. You gave the place a beautiful soul.

"Quaint reminder" made me sad.

Me, too.

Thank you Brittney.

"I was happier than a pig in shit..."

God I miss you :)

I just moved to town in July 09 but reading all the blogs and comments makes me wish I'd had a chance to see you in action.

Great post Brittney. I wish our paths would have crossed earlier on. It felt like you on the stage at BarCamp one second, then packing your things for SF the next.

Maybe next time you're in town we can all go for drinks.


Well, I've posted on all the sites I could find regarding NiT's demise, only to finally find Brittney's words...

Let me just say thanks. I think I saw you once at one of those Nashville blogger gatherings, but was probably too socially inept or too drunk to say thanks for actually linking to my blog.

I wish you nothing but the best.


I took over NiT for a week or two at some point after you left, and I have absolutely no idea how you did that day in and day out. The childish, negative comments that seemed to come out of left field from the entire community were exhausting, even for that short amount of time. I coud never figure out how grown adults could be so petulant, and it was never "Wow, that's a different opinion than I have, but I can see the point you're trying to make here." but more along the lines of "You're wrong, FUCK YOU!"

Maybe that's not the case in San Francisco, and I truly hope it isn't. So glad things worked out for you for the best!

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