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February 22, 2010


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Sounds like old pipes. We get a similar knocking/dripping sound in our home, which was built in the 1940's.

Possibly a coffee maker.

i share your grief, Brittney. in my old place on Broderick Street, i would hear above my bedroom every morning what sounded like marbles being dropped on linoleum. first the CLACK of them hitting, then the drone of them rolling away.

yeah, try figuring out what the fuck that is. i wonder if there is a magical physics that determines the acoustics of inter-story sound in old Victorians. maybe it's just something normal like footsteps, only filtered through this noise wormhole before reaching us below.

or maybe the neighbor was playing D&D with himself at 6:30am.


Dice, I can handle. My apartment in Oakland had a tenant who would come home around 1AM and hold what another tenant described as 'goddamn elephant races.' (Imagine someone doing wind-sprints up and down the hall while wearing boots.)

oh boo boo

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