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A Quick Story about a Cyrus


When I was in Nashville, I got two tickets for an advanced screening of David Lynch's Mulholland Dr.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dyed in the wool Lynch fanatic, and I was really, really looking forward to seeing that film. Like, trembling.

It was one of the worst movie-going experiences of my life. If there is a movie you are really looking forward to, and you receive an advanced screening tickets (for critics, cast and crew family, etc.), don't go. Don't. You will regret it, because every one in that room is jaded and in the industry in some way, and they will talk during the movie or walk out and come back in the middle or take phone calls. It's rude and gross.

So, the movie is playing, and it's way too weird for the people in there, and as soon as the lesbian love scenes started, the laughing began. People were tittering like second graders handed a Playboy, and I was infuriated. They were uncomfortable, as Lynch films often make you, and they couldn't handle it. First viewing completely ruined.

When the lights went up I heard someone greet the garish woman in front of me in her fur coat and cowboy boots and giant diamonds. They called her Mrs. Cyrus. It was Miley's Mom. Billy Ray's wife. Billy Ray has a bit part in Mulholland Dr., and she was there to see it. She was with a brunette pre-teen at the time. Possibly Miley. This was before Hannah Montana.

Anway, the lights went up, and Mrs. Cyrus took a long breath and said, "Well, that was...weird."

And then she left.

And now her daughter is a giant, giant star, and all I can think about is how she and the rest of those fools ruined my initial screening of Mulholland Dr., a damn fine movie.

Do This, Tennessee

There were the 20 horses in Sumner County that were reported starved, three in Smith County – one of which was already dead and the other two found with no food or water nearly starved to death. And, then there was the incident in Bedford County where over 100 head of cattle were found starved to death.


No One Beats Me

I have taken up hooping. And whether I am using a giant 3 pound weighted hoop or a smaller "FlexiBounce" hoop, I end up looking like a domestic violence victim.

Is this normal??

Learning the snake

Hooping bruises

You should see my legs.

For those of you that hoop: IS THIS NORMAL??? I bruise like a peach in normal life, but this seems excessive.

The Difference Between my New Neighborhood and my Old One

Cheap dim sum instead of cheap burritos. 

Strollers instead of fixed gear bicycles.

Asian neighbors instead of Hispanic neighbors.

More car traffic. Less foot traffic.

Beaches and green grass and parks and water instead of concrete and murals and graffiti and grit.

Regular versus Super Hip.

Quiet nights instead of loud ones.

Shorter blocks instead of long ones.

Less BART. More bus.

Little yards instead of front door gates.

Some bars instead of tons of bars.

Feeling a sense of place versus trying too hard to fit in.