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"When a Newspaper Man Fears to Tweet"

"It's an art form," he said in an e-mail interview with The Times. "It encourages minimalism, almost like a word game.

"Having said more than once 'I will never be a twit,' I now feel it is a splendid discipline . . . I link to great writing on the web. I also like to link to the unique, the beautiful, the weird.

"That day is a sad day," he said, "when a newspaperman fears to tweet."


That last line says so, so much.

I am often asked how I think journalism should intersect with new media. People sometimes want to know how I think reporters and news people should use the web.

If I could respond with one word and one word only it would be "fearlessly."

Two Mark Twains. Hot.

My boss informed me 5 minutes after arriving that I won the Mark Twain AP Award for Best Blog (Serious) this year. This is the second consecutive time.

This is the hottie that comes home with you when you win one:

Real Men of Genius

Obviously, the competition for news blogs at these award shows isn't that steep, but I am proud nonetheless.

Yay. Nice way to start a Monday.