"When a Newspaper Man Fears to Tweet"
Spinning for all the World

The Difference Between my New Neighborhood and my Old One

Cheap dim sum instead of cheap burritos. 

Strollers instead of fixed gear bicycles.

Asian neighbors instead of Hispanic neighbors.

More car traffic. Less foot traffic.

Beaches and green grass and parks and water instead of concrete and murals and graffiti and grit.

Regular versus Super Hip.

Quiet nights instead of loud ones.

Shorter blocks instead of long ones.

Less BART. More bus.

Little yards instead of front door gates.

Some bars instead of tons of bars.

Feeling a sense of place versus trying too hard to fit in.


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LOL - sounds like you are out near where I am now. Welcome to the neighborhood. (fyi, Tia's makes a killer margarita)

Makes a nice poem, too.

I'll second Rob's comment - excellent margs, and great, 70's-esque rib-sticking Mexican food.

Welcome to the 'hood!

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