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April 20, 2010


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Link please!

I considered linking, but, frankly, I'm kind of a pussy. I don't know this guy personally, but do "know" him online, and don't want to cause unnecessary grief, but his lack of awareness at his own behavior...I just couldn't pass it up.

And besides, it speaks to a larger thing: Journalists can be nice to everybody, or they can do their job. It was no problem for him to call a female magazine writer a "dumb bitch" for a perceived ill, but when his friend is in the cross-hairs? Suddenly reporters should use kid gloves with everyone.

Either/or, pal.

That makes sense... I always kind of forget that everyone can track everything down on the internet.

Definitely super lame of him though. Also... I have a sudden recollection of reading something online about a 7x7 article, so I think I may be able to do this detective work on my own!

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