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April 21, 2010


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Taking away the obvious xenophobia for a moment, I can understand the frustration of Chattanooga-area construction trades-people. In the middle of a recession, you have this massive plant being built in your backyard and you're being shut out of potential jobs because that was part of the deal made by Governor Bredesen.

They feel sold out, and in that regard I can't blame them.

I could probably do my homework, but I'm just gonna ask you. :)

*you're being shut out of potential jobs because that was part of the deal made by Governor Bredesen*

What deal is that?

Oddly they don't seem to have a problem with the fact that the plant is being built for Germans. It seems to be only the brown people who are upsetting them.

Aw, hell! Makes me very NOT proud to be a Tennessean. Hey world, we don't all think that way!!!

I seriously DON'T want to give the impression that all Tennesseans have this attitude. At all. Even a little.

But, I will say that I don't *ever* see shit like this where I live now. Is the bigotry less blatant, but still there. Maybe. Probably.

Regardless, this flagrant display is shitty. And it's designed poorly, too.

Oh, and including country flags just ratchets up the tacky to a whole new level.

It's mostly a Union protest because the Volkswagon plant is being built and will be run non-union like Nissan. I saw a track back on that board and the website a while back. Tacky and mostly from outsiders.

Besides, I bet no one in TN has a problem collecting sales taxes from what those workers are spending while they're here.

Sounds like the Unions are pissed off and just want to stir crap up. As much money as they give to Democrats, I'm sure they are really pissed since a Dem governor brought the plant to the Nooge. :P

This type of Bigotry is rampant in the midsection of the US. It reminds me of things I see and hear in my hometown of Amarillo, Texas. There is no room for this in a melting pot of a country such as the USA.

I find "Volunteers For Local Hire" to be an absolutely hilarious thing to name one's organization.

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