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EVP for Short: Moving on from News Blogging

When people meet me they often ask, as people do, what I do for a living. My answer is now "news blogger." When I first began to blog for a living back in 2005 people would ask the same thing and my reply at the time was, "professional blogger." I look back on the term now and cringe. Fact is, I was so blasted glad not to be a waitress or a bartender anymore, that you could have called me a content cow, and I would not have cared. My official title at WKRN was blog producer.When I came to work for CBS 5 in San Francisco I signed on as simply "blogger." That is my title, and it is accurate and direct. I am a blogger. I add "news blogger," in order to answer the inevitable next question.

But starting in the first part of June my title will be Executive Vice President of Marketing and Outreach.

I know, right?

For real, though, I've accepted a new job. I'm going to be the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Outreach for a sincerely fantastic non-profit organization called Modest Needs.

Modest Needs is a charity that, rather than getting people out of financial trouble, prevents them from getting into that trouble in the first place. Modest Needs is the only charity that allows you to donate to individuals on a one-to-one basis--choosing the person or organization that you directly want to help out. It's a lauded organization started by a former professor at my university. In fact, when he launched Modest Needs eight years ago I put a link to the venture on Metafilter. I've been a cheerleader for Modest Needs since Day One (save for that single dubiousness I expressed to the founder when he initially ran the idea by me--sorry for being a Debbie Doubter, Keith!)

This means that I am no longer going to be a news blogger, blog producer, professional blogger, or however you want to describe what I have done for about five years now. While I will be blogging for Modest Needs as part of my role, the position of EVP of Marketing and Outreach will encompass a whole lot more. I will be in charge of promoting Modest Needs primarily online, but also offline, to the best of my abilities. This means I get to decide how best to use the internet to spread the good word about a charity that I fully believe in--the sky's the limit in terms of how I do this or how far it goes. To say that I am excited and overwhelmed by the prospect would be a vast understatement. I get to work from home, make my own hours and work toward promoting something that makes the world a better place.

Am I sad that I will no longer be blogging from a newsroom? Yeah. In a way. It was how I started this career that has suddenly taken a new trajectory, and it has served me well. Recently, before I knew I'd be leaving news blogging, a doctor asked me if I liked my job. I blurted out almost immediately, "I love my job." And that is the truth. It is a blessing and a joy to do what I do day in and day out.

That said, I'm tired. The constant 9-5 publishing of content--even content that primarily links to others' content--can be draining. It will wear you down. It is safe to say I got burned out on news blogging.

That doesn't mean I am not forever grateful to both WKRN and KPIX for allowing me the opportunity to do something not many others get to do--sling opinion and links without an editor. Both stations put a lot of trust in me, and I won't soon forget that. WKRN gave me my break, and KPIX moved me out to my new home in California. Thank yous will never be enough.

My last day writing Eye on Blogs will be Friday. Then I board a plane to Tennessee to see family and friends for a week. Then I fly back to San Francisco the following Monday to unpack, then repack, because on Tuesday I will be in Manhattan for 6 days for my initial week at Modest Needs.

It's all too much, but I relish every morsel.

Onward and upward and all that stuff.

UPDATE: I will have lots, lots, lots more to say about all this, but if I said it all now this would not be a blog post it would be a non-fiction tome. More to come for sure.


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Congratulations on the big new job! How fun! You're going to rock it I just know it!


Rockstar! I'm going to miss your eye on blogs writing, but way to go on a new gig -- congrats! And best of luck!

As Joe Biden would say, this is a big fucking deal. Congrats!

Congrats, lady! So, so, so excited for you. Yay new adventures!

Congrats! Sounds like a very rewarding job. My hat's off to you.

Congratulations. This sounds fabulous.

Wow, that is big news! Congratulations! Looks like you will have something to celebrate when you come home to Tennessee this week. It's not looking like I'm going to be able to make it for the big soiree, so have one extra in celebration for me while you're there. Congrats with this and I wish you the best!

Congratulations, Brittney. :)

wow congrats! what am i going to do to learn more about what's up in this fabulous city without your updates constantly streaming into buzz, twitter and reader!?
really though, congrats, that is fantastic and sounds like a wonderful role for a wonderful np!


Congrats! I will miss you on Eye on Blogs, but I wish you all the luck in your new gig!

WOW. Brittney! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you and looking forward to seeing you excel in your new job. You'll be awesome.

This is awesome! I am so delighted for you.

[it's good!]

Wow Brittney. That is amazing. I am so happy and excited for you.

*SO EXCITED* for you!

but very worried about the how i'm going to find someone else to replicate your content in my news feed.


So wonderful! I am consistently amazed by the things you have made happen for yourself. Congratulations, and my best, always.

Niiiiice. Congratulations!

That is so awesome. Congratulations EVP!!!

(Also, does that mean they're hiring for your old job?) ;)

Great news! KPIX was lucky to have you and Modest Needs will be lucky to get you.


Excellent news!!

Congratulations! Change is awesome.

Big congratulations to you. You're always doing the most wonderful and interesting things.

Wow, so many congrats. Truly awesome! :)

Congrats! I love a bold jump like that. I think I'm going to be traveling most of the time you're back here in the good ole TN, so I'm bummed to be missing you. But it sounds like your new gig is perfect for a little side project I've been working on...

If that looks at all appealing to you, let me know and we'll work it out. Congrats again!

(sorry if this is a doublepost, I think my first comment didn't go thru?)


What a great opportunity to 'do good'...Modest Needs is fortunate to have you. My best to you!

You've put your time you get to find out what working for a non-profit is like...hee!

Best of luck, kiddo.

congrats! sounds like life is being good to you and i am happy to hear it.

Another great opportunity for you and for more growth and transformation! Congratulations!

Awww yeah. Welcome to life as a marketing geek! It's not as evil as some people try to tell you.

(Or maybe by me saying that I'm proving that it's EVEN EVILER!!)

Wow! This is huge! :) So very proud of you. Congratulations!

Worthwhile endeavor meet worthwhile gal. Fan-freakin'-tastic. Congratulations.

You were an excellent fit for the pro-blogger gig, but this? This is really just right up your alley. It sounds like a job tailor-made for you. Congrats!

Very exciting, Brittney - congrats!

Just to add to the chorus, congrats! Sounds like a great organization and a great opportunity.

Congratulations Brittney. It is a brand new adventure.

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