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May 03, 2010


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To quote Marsellus Wallace, "I'm pretty fuckin' far from okay."

But your thoughts and prayers help.


My prayers go out to the people of Nashville. I am in Alabama and I am donating to red cross. We were going to meet my in-laws in Nashville in 3 weeks coming from Illinois. I can only say that this is so bad and Brittany if I can help from afar let me know.

what dam is on the verge of breaking? that is news to us here in Nashville

My father said there were fears the Cheatham Dam may break, and he is waiting word on whether he will need to evacuate his hotel in Ashland City.

Let's hope that is not the case.

his fears seem ungrounded in fact. they are releasing water from the dam which may cause additional flooding in areas but is necessary, but no mention of the dam being in danger of breaking.

Great to hear that.

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