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August 15, 2010


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We have lived in the city (NYC) for years and have always tried to find a no-fee apartment on Craigslist, but it has never worked out. If you have the option to use an agent and pay the extra month's rent, it makes things a lot simpler. At the very least, consider seeing a few agents in the neighborhood you would like to live in, to see what kinds of things are available.

"On my walk back a young man asked me where Turk was, and I couldn't tell him exactly. I realized I don't know The City very deeply at all."

I've lived in 7 locales in 6 states, starting out in San Diego and ending up here 34 years on. My last stint was in the Pittsburgh area. Nine years. After which I was fond of the area like nothing else in life.

But I still felt like a complete moron. Going west, I did not know which municipality bordered mine. I suppose "knowing the city" is relative, and we're all going to know it just as much as it suits our life. Love for a city doesn't mean one knows everything about it.

Moving is always a huge thing for me, but here's hoping it's right enough to follow through on, as you've decided to do. Personally, I'm pretty fond of both areas, but give a slight edge to NYC.


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