My Wish on the Wish Tree, MoMA, NYC
First Thoughts

Things I Will Miss About San Francisco

Rainbow Over Bay Bridge
  • Palm trees
  • Street art, Mission-style
  • Mission-style burritos
  • The Pacific
  • Bi-Rite's salted caramel ice cream
  • Street cars, rail lines and rail cars
  • The tangle of overheard wires
  • The chime of the bells on Powell Street
  • The fucking Ferry Building
  • Pulse-increasing hill cresting cab rides
  • Unexpectedly seeing the ocean or the bay
  • Cheaper rent (ha)
  • The laid backedness
  • Dolores Park
  • The Golden Gate Bridge popping into view as you pop over a ridge
  • Incredible views from high atop the hills
  • Bay windows
  • Victorian houses
  • Houses painted three shades of purple
  • Driving over the Bay Bridge (it took me a while to not be terrified of this, but now I love it)
  • The big rainbow flag in the Castro
  • The Castro Theatre
  • Water dogs at Crissy Field
  • Anything goes
  • Pier walks
  • Sunset on Market Street
  • Vesuvio's
  • The romance of approaching fog

*People are not things.


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Three years later, all I miss is the produce and the burritos.

Okay, and walking up the Embarcadero on a Saturday morning to go to the Ferry Terminal. But still, good list.

The mist rolling in?

What happened? I thought you were staying here and working remote?

I changed my mind. :)

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