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How to Take the Subway and a Cab When You Can't Find a Cab

On the NI woke up late. It happens.

Even the cotton candy sunrise could not entice me out of my air mattress on the floor, so I hit snooze five times and took in 30 minutes more sleep. I told myself a ten dollar cab ride to work was worth the extra slumber.

Once ready to go, there were no cabs. All full. It was rush hour after all.

After a good 7 minutes of failed hailing, I hoofed it on up to Times Square, keeping my eye out for an available taxi all the while. One guy stole one right out from under me, and I just missed another outside of the Port Authority. I texted my boss, and hit the underground.

God, is it hot down there. I scanned my MetroCard, hightailed it to the S train that goes to Grand Central with the plan to transfer to the 6, which takes me just 3 blocks from work.

Downtown or uptown? Shit. I really had no idea. I visualized a map in my head, decided on uptown and scooted on to a 6 train headed out of the station. There is a lighted stop map that showed my unlit exit was next. But it wasn't. I was going the wrong way. (Now I know: uptown means the street numbers go up.)

I hopped off at 54th, and tried to find a way to get to the other side to take the 6 downtown but decided fuck it. I climbed the stairs to Lexington Avenue to find a cab waiting as though it were put there just for me. The morning's first transit blessing.

I crawled in back and put down the window to dry my now sweat-drenched hair, and shoved my jacket in my bag. Once at 30th, I swiped my card (love that all NYC taxis take debit cards), then jumped out and headed on foot...in the wrong direction.

I was 25 minutes late.

And that, my friends, is how you take the subway and a cab when you can't find a cab.


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Isn't it nice how much cheaper taxis are in NYC than in SF?


I lived on East 79th St. for about seven weeks long ago. And, although New Yorkers are normally nice and friendly, when it comes to cabs, it's hesitate and lose. You either need bulk to body slam them out of the way or an attitude. You'll figure it out eventually. There's usually a way to get from one side of the tracks to the other but not at every station. However, with a pass you can go back up to the street and eventually find the other entrance. (They're almost never across the street, they're around the corner or something.)

What a great glimpse of New York life; I was stressed just reading it!

I always have those days where I wake up late and can't find a cab in Euless TX (ex. http://www.mytaxicablimo.com ). I never thought about using the subway and then trying to find a cab at another stop. That would be ideal seeing as my work is not right off a main road.

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