New York, a Tableau: Part Two
I Have Just Found Paradise

I Know, I Know, "It's Only Going to Get Worse"

Met stairs in the rainIt is officially December.

I mean, obviously, because that is what the calendar tells us. But weather-wise, it is also now officially December.

I need a raincoat with a hood. A sturdy one. Because this morning, when I tried to use an umbrella in 50 mph wind gusts, the gods laughed at me. I had a wild tussle with my cheap $10 umbrella in the middle of a busy intersection, and the umbrella won. That fucker turned on me.

You should hear the howls of wind from my apartment allll the way on the west side on the Hudson. It sounds exactly like movie ghosts sound, and I just know I can feel my building bend.

I am not equipped for this weather. And it isn't even cold yet.

A tiny boy decked out like a duck in all yellow rain gear was navigating the streets like a pro, avoiding puddles and leaning into the wind. I felt that kid staring down at my cheap boots and cheap leggings getting soaked all the way through, and I swear I heard him laugh.

[Photo by Alex Barth]


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I hope you cut him. Little punk.

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