The Time A Girl Wearing Nothing But a Bra and Heels Rang my Doorbell
I'd Totally Eat Breast Milk Ice Cream

Drunk Girl Wearing Nothing But Heels and Bra at My Door at 2 a.m.: An Analysis

Choo The mystery about the drunk girl outside my apartment wearing nothing but heels and a bra has been plaguing me. How did she get there? Why so little clothing? Why did she call him both her boyfriend and her husband? Why did she think she'd brought her wallet? How does she afford such expensive shoes?

Her being a prostitute had been suggested by many, but I was like, "Nah. She's my neighbor."

Not until today did I consider that she's both: she's my neighbor and a hooker.


It's the best I can come up with. Or as my friend said, "If you end up locked out in a hallway wearing nothing but heels and a bra, you've been having hooker sex."


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