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March 07, 2011


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I can tell you're not a guy because you completely neglected to tell us whether she was hot.

Also, have you ever seen her again since?

I have so many questions, but mostly I want to know if you've seen her since.

And now I see that question was just asked. So I will ask: have you ever seen a husband or boyfriend?

Did you get your robe back? (I know you said she could keep it, but if it were me I would wash and return it. Or buy you a new one.)

Ha! I can tell you're not a guy because your picture is right there on your page.

I had never seen her before, and I haven't seen her since. But, I think I have heard her voice in the hallway previously.

And no, never seen a husband or a boyfriend.

As for the robe, no. She still has it. It's pretty ratty, so not a huge loss.

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