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Do Not Want: Google+

not_doing_shit_google_plusLet's talk about Google+ for a hot minute. Errbody else is, and I can't resist a good bandwagon.

I first learned of our new social media overlord's existence on Twitter, where I get most of my news. And my immediate reaction was, "Oh, fuck."

I ignored it for a couple of days. Stuck my fingers in my ears and sang LA, LA, LA. Didn't want to see it. Hoped it would go away.

No dice.

Soon I was getting notifications that I'd been added to these cultish-sounding Circles and I knew I had to shake hands with reality. Google+ is here.

It may not be here to stay, but dammit, it has parked its ass on the couch with a beer and your remote and it isn't hitting the door anytime soon.

Okay, fine, I admit it. Once I started getting notifications I wanted in. I like being FIRST! at new online servies, even if I discard them like an OK Cupid date if they don't put out. I wanted my wristband into the potentially happening new party just in case the venue became overrun. - I can't wait for Google Plus to reunite me with everyone I blocked on Facebook.

I got my invite, walked past the rope, took a look around the club, saw a few familiar faces and a lot of white space. Then I left.

I'm scared to go back.

Google+ is, I fear, a part-time job I desperately don't want to take. But if I want to eat, I will. As a blogger, marketer, outreacher it is essential that I stay abreast in social media, new and old. I enjoy it, so really, no complaints, but with Google+ I am afraid it's going to be a huge project that ends up sucking major time.

My attention is already splintered by the likes of Google Reader, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, and shall I go on? Will Google+ supplant all of those? Or will it become one more digital commitment?

I don't know. And I'm frightened to find out.

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To each her own, of course, but I'll just say that I ditched my oldest twitter account for G+, and I'd ditch the others if I could. For me, the big advantage is that it's already integrated with all the tools I already use 16 hours a day. It's not a *new* tool as much as it's a social component to tools I'm already using.

That said, your bigger point here (about the pressure to keep up with social media platforms you're not even interested in) is well taken. Recently, lots of Offbeat readers are SUPER into I'm like "Hey, intern! Can you go make us a presence over there? I'm not touching it!" VOILA.

"It's not a *new* tool as much as it's a social component to tools I'm already using."

Oh, that's a relief. It may actually save me time, which is terrific. I just haven't gone in yet, the water seems too cold.

It's cold right now because so few people are "in," at this point. I'm pretty stoked about it, as I want to leave facebook entirely (the never-ending battle with privacy and ever-changing, top-down forced promiscuity has really pissed me off more than even the stupid game notifications, hence 90% of what's in my profile is bullshit... but I hate that I can be frisked for my list of "friends"), and will once a critical mass of my people go G+.

Primarily, the advantage that G+ has is the ability to segregate audiences, rather than the all-or-nothing "friends" vs. "everyone else" of faceborg. A lot of people are very cautious with what they say on fb because of work and professional entanglements; G+ lets you separate folks into groups to resolve this.

Without having done a whole lot so far with G+ (day three!), I can already see how useful that is going to be. The integration with the new Android phone is also a big win for me.

Thanks for the info, Jeffraham. I am growing less wary!

Not to say that Google won't be equally evil in their use of your data... but they've seemingly shown much more restraint in past applications than faceborg ever did. I like that fb got better with the granularity of privacy/security... but each time they improved it, they set all of us to spread-legged, wide-open mode... and made us have to figure out how to lock it back down! That's just inexcusable, and obviously purposeful, as well.

Can I interest you in a Diaspora invite?

*runs away, clutching head*

Hey, can someone hook a sister up with an invite?

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