See You Soon, San Francisco
I Will Occupy This DMV

Fuck Yeah, Beth Spotswood

You guys, guess what? Not only do I get to move back to the City that holds my heart (and sometimes my hair), but I get to live in my favorite neighborhood in all of San Francisco: The Mission District. The entirety of San Francisco kicks ass, but that vibrant, sunny little spot in the center of the peninsula is the best. Mostly due to the sun.

BUT, GUESS WHAT ELSE? I get to live with Beth.


Yep! One of the people I most admire and adore the most took me in. We're gonna be roommates. She's even kind enough to allow the cats to come.

I'm so very glad that Beth had a spot for me. Without her, I am not sure I could have moved back to San Francisco at all. In fact, her opening her home to me was the impetus to get the ball rolling back west.

So, thank you, Beth. You'll never have to touch the litter box, I make a mean egg-in-a-hole and I'll serenade you while I'm in the shower. Because I am grateful.


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"hilarity ensues" would be an understatement here.

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