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Surf Hell's Kitchen, Because You Can't Walk It


Despite being dead set on buying a Surf Hell's Kitchen t-shirt before I leave (better get on that), the New York neighborhood I settled in is not that most hospitable to pedestrians. Well, at least not my little corner of Hell's Kitchen, which is at 42nd and 11th Avenue. It is the way to the Lincoln Tunnel, as well as the way out of it. My intersection stands in the way of buses at the Port Authority and New Jersey. It's constantly a snarl of traffic and a cacophony of horns and sheer misery for anyone on two feet.

I know, almost as fact, that had I moved to a different neighborhood, my feelings about New York City would be entirely different. Doesn't mean I want to give another area of the city a try, but I am writing this to remind myself that the New York I experienced is a New York I carved out for myself, and that the city was here long before me. It's not it's fault. I tasted a crumb of the giant cake case that New York has to offer.

It's not all bad. But the corner of 42nd and 11 is pretty shitty. I can tell you that.


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This reminds me of some of my thoughts when I left Los Angeles -- would it have been different if I hadn't lived a couple doors down from the corner of Venice and Lincoln, two six-lane boulevards?


But then again, perhaps not. I think you know when you love the energy of a city, even if you don't love your street.

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