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Two Cats Go Cross Country


I am worried about these two. When I adopted them from a shelter on the Upper East Side I had no earthly idea that I might be moving 2500 miles away in under a year.

But here I am.

I mean, here we are.

I'm scared that one or both of them will bolt in the security line at the airport and take the next plane to Mexico. I'm afraid they'll get lost like Jack. I'm terrified that they will be traumatized by this move.

But besides taking them back to the pound, I have no choice but to move them. And besides, after ten months together, I am pretty darn attached to these rascals.

I hope they'll be okay.


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Awww, kitties! They'll be fine. After getting acclimated, they'll forget all about it and be happy in their new home.

Oh man, I would be worried, too, if I were flying with my kitties. Although I'm sure they will be OK. Are you carrying them in two separate carriers, or together? Either way, I'd think that as long as the door latch on it is secure they will be OK. And hopefully if they have you take them out at the security line you'll be able to do so in a room or other enclosure to minimize the chance of escape.

Hi Brittney,

Best wishes to you and your kittehs on the move.
I didn't know this until it happened as I'd never before taken in a stray cat but after years of living with us, AFTER we moved, our cat literally tore her way through the screen door (she was declawed) and ran away. We never found her. I later read that cats often after a move try to find their way back 'home.' It was awful to lose her that way. Just a heads up for you to be extra supercareful after you get settled in to not let your two have an opportunity to do the same. Cheers,

Oh Cyn, that is heartbreaking. And exactly what I fear.

I'm so sorry that happened.

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