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December 11, 2011


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I really identified with this post. It takes effort.

I really loved this post. You have literally become your own boss, the way it is supposed to be and its been wonderful to see you transform and be able to control your anxiety. You rock.

Oh and I can't help but feel a tad responsible for the "grandmother made it - heirloom" fear after the time with the table cloth! The stain came out too :)

I totally hear you. Seriously. Beth or no Beth I hear you about worrying and all that.

A) you had nothing to worry about becasue OMG Beth had your back (and wow! awesome!)

B) regardless, you are OMG SO AWSEOME I so respect your self reliance in this town! You keep on being awesome

C) I and the blog world are so glad you are back I don't care what you do, We are just so God damned happy you are back. Seriously.

Keep up the good work. I miss you on Google Reader and miss your recommendations.

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