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One of the Best Things Ever on the Internet Ever

A long time ago on an internet forum I once frequented, a user posted a video he created. Below is that video. You should watch it because it is one of the best things ever on the internet ever:

If you didn't watch it, you really must. It's short, and if you're going to read any further, it is imperative that you watch the video. Go ahead. I'll wait.


This video is awesome. It's a perfect parody.

(It also captures the auteur David Lynch in rare form, cursing. Despite his films being as black as midnight on a moonless night, filled with weirdness and violence and plenty of shits, damns and fucks, the man himself rarely uses foul language. In fact, if you've ever seen interviews with him he has an Eagle scout, aw shucks demeanor that belies his macabre motion pictures.)

I asked the creator of the video if I could upload it to my YouTube account, I loved it that much. I credited him in the description by his forum handle because he did not want to be identified. He said that I could.

In three years that video has been seen 1,768,366 times. New comments are added daily. I wake up every day to new notifications from YouTube that someone else left a note. It became so popular that reporters began contacting me, wanting to know if I'd talk about the David Lynch/iPhone parody video I'd made.

After correcting those with inquiries, I asked the creator of the video if he wanted to talk to any newspaper or magazine reporters about the piece. He said no. 

Once upon a time I moderated the comments that come in every day until I realized it would be a never-ending task. This video's popularity is going strong, as well it should.

It's one of the best thing ever on the internet ever:


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Yeah, well this is one of those cases where I think Lynch takes himself far too seriously. If the only way you were ever going to see his work was on a phone, I'd agree... but most people are re-watching it on a phone while otherwise occupied with flying or traveling somewhere, or waiting in a boring waiting room, etc. He really hacked me off not putting chapter breaks in his DVDs, too. I know it's art, Dave, but some of us have lives too, guy.

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