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A.M. Consumed: Link Dump + Commentary

Twitter Users Are More Likely to Follow Journalists Than News Organizations [VIDEO]

This makes sense. News organizations are big and bulky, and as a whole, move much more slowly than a nimble, single reporter. Twitter users know where to find a news org's published stories: on their website, linked in the Twitter profile. But Twitter users seeking new news, perhaps unreported, yet unsubstantiated news, are going to seek that out from reporters with Twitter presences before looking to the news org as a whole.

It's also further proof that people prefer engaging individuals on social networking sites, not monolithic brands.

How and why news orgs should answer critics on Twitter

Trolls and critics are not the same. Ignoring trolls works (most of the time). Ignoring valuable input from your audience is fatal. 

One Year of Backpacking All Around the World in Just Five Minutes

Gorgeous. Surefire way to induce wanderlust.

New Twitter formalizes news wire service function

Would love to explore "Discover" in New Twitter, since this might be a way for news organizations to better take the reigns of Twitter as a reporting and engagement service. Alas, I still have Old Twitter. 

Coincidences are awesome

It's the little things.


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