Diet Coke at the Coffee Shop
This is a Link Dump of Internet Souvenirs

These Links Got Dumped

Internet ephemera from today:

Tourist Trapped: Ferry Building Farmers Market

Beth and I went to the Ferry Building, ate sugar and made jokes. Then she wrote about it, I got namechecked. Life goal come true. Suck it, Gate commenters.

Going Halfsies

This seems like one of those well-meaning ideas that is too gimmicky for everyone's good. But what do I know?

‘Portraits’ are ‘emerging’ all the time in the New York Times

Revelation of a Times-specific cliche. Journalist cliches are fun to spot, fun to list. See also "The White Stuff" and "Words We Don't Say"

To My Old Master

"Here is the bill for my slave labor!" The humor and awesomeness of this is almost too much for me to take.

The Customer Isn't Always Right

The idiot and danger to people everywhere that I reference here was refused service at a restaurant due to his bigoted beliefs. 

UPS Delivery Fail. Home Security Camera Win.

She's so close! Three more steps!

Man Struck, Killed After Car Impounded

Forcing innocent passengers to walk home in the dark on a freeway. Man is hit by car, dies. Shit's fucked up.


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