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Big, Big Fan: Siggi's Skyr Icelandic-Style Yogurt

It's time for another installment of Big, Big Fan, the blog series where I (for no good reason!) tell you about products that give me a happy. Up today? Dairy. Specifically Icelandic-style skyr, which is strained non-fat yogurt, made by Siggi's.

First up, let's look at the label:

Check out that protein count, ladies and gentleman*. 14! And with no fat and just 100 calories. You can argue that the agave nectar is no better for a person than sugar, and I would not be equipped to debate you, but the grams of sugar in Siggi's is way, way lower than what they pack into a cup of disgusting, runny Yoplait.

The best part about this yogurt is that it takes ten years to eat. It is so thick that you really have to work at this meal-in-a-cup to finish it. I like that in a breakfast.

Additionally, the flavor is just phenomenal. This yogurt is tart, like yogurt should be, and if you get the orange with candied ginger kind you get to enjoy little bits of crystalized ginger that adds a zing no Dannon yogurt could ever replicate.

I look forward to this yogurt. Who looks forward to yogurt? Siggi's eaters. Siggi's truly excels at being yogurt.

The major drawback is the price. I can find it at Rainbow Grocery for $2.09 a carton, but that is as cheap as I've seen them. Siggi's at other retailers cost as much as $2.69 a pop. But as someone who can barely grow an appetite until well after noon, but who knows she needs protein after waking to avoid choosing the largest lunch available, this little breakfast buy is worth it for me. I eat it slowly on the train with a teaspoon and watch the other women on board gawk with jealousy.

Here is an article about how Siggi's got to an icebox near you. This is a post about homemade Siggi's smoothies. And this is the Siggi's website.

You're welcome.

*I have a theory that men eat just as much yogurt as women, they just do so in shame private.


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I think you're right about men and yogurt. It's the perfect bachelor food, because it takes no time to prepare and will keep in your fridge nearly forever. Plus it's like the perfect carb-to-protein ratio for the critical post-workout recovery snack!

I just have to note that individual servings of yogurt used to be 8oz, then 6oz. Now this one is 5.3oz. I have no problem with that whatsoever, but that low calorie and sugar count may be partially because there's simply less in the cup.

i feel the same way about Fage. super high protein, low calorie, low carb, and THICK! plus i eat the plain style, so there is ONE INGREDIENT + cultures. i add my own flavor if i like - stir in a spoonful of jam and VOILA! awesome. i now find other non-euro style yogurts disgusting (Dannon...ugh.) why so many ingredients? and gelatin??? gross. but i might try this brand...the crystallized ginger does sound tempting...

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