Big, Big Fan: Eva-Dry 1100 Petite Dehumidifier
We Walk Alone

Leavings: Links Collected

(above)  Headline writing finery

Racism: It's Still a Thing

"It's worth asking him what the fuck he was thinking, but if the answer is (as I suspect it is), that he genuinely just didn't know, he should be fired for gross ignorance unbecoming of any self-respecting journalist, not for racism."

Catch Your Cat, A Cat Wrangling Service in New York City

I could have used this service when I had to get two cats into a single Southwest pet carrier. Twice. There were tears. Twice.

Man Found Alive After 2-Months in Snow-Buried Car

Next time I scream "I NEED TO EAT" I'll remember that I don't. Maybe.

Unfortunate Ellipses Placement


It's possible to plan a wedding in an afternoon

Aw, Zoe. Yay. This gives me such hope.

Lab-Grown Hamburger Makes It to the Menu

"My financier was not very interested in sausages."

I love my wife. My wife is dead.


On my train ride this morning.

Made going to work suck less.


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As for your elliptical encounter with your steam cleaner...

When a potential partner asks if you're clean, that is not what they had in mind!

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