These Links Got Dumped
Dear 17-Year-Old Me

This is a Link Dump of Internet Souvenirs

Because you care:

Swinging a Guitar without Strap Locks

This is how you do it.

Be Still My Heart

This is how you invite someone somewhere! [via Torrez]

If Bon Iver covered Bon Jovi.

This is well done.

Me and my Shadow

"You're fat simple as that, and until you're ready to put in the hard work to change, you might as well be the cutest fat boy in the game." This is good parenting.

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors

This is straight cool as fuck. [via Gee]

My Drunk Kitchen does a vegan episode! 

"EAT IT LIKE YOUR HAND IS NAAN." This is hysterical. 


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