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I Never Knew It Would Be In Their Faces

My tattoo is new, less than a year old, but I didn't know when I got it that I would soon be waiting tables again. I never dreamed I'd be sticking my forearm in front of the faces of people as I clear their plates or pour them more tea.


My tattoo is small, just text, just big enough for me to read. But they can see the line of ink on pale skin fluttering in and out of their field of vision and so I'm often asked, "What does your tattoo say?"

The way out is through. 

Many seem dissatisfied with the answer. "Through what?," they ask. "Just through," I say.

Now I've taken to quickly adding, "It's an amended Robert Frost quote."

I think the girl I used to be wants to be sure everyone knows her tattoo has pedigree. This is no butterfly on my ankle, you see. This line is a long time coming.


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At least it isn't a tramp stamp that they are staring at...or a boobie tattoo. Just saying.

a few friends have invoked this quote as a suggested mantra for myself over the past few months. it's truth. and a good choice tattoo.

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